The Pioneer Woman

On a last minute whim, I decided to drive to the Salt Lake Foothills to see Ree Drummond at her book signing at "King's English Bookstore" in the Avenues. My husband, daughter, and I were the last to be allowed through the glass doors of the 15th Street Gallery thronging with die-hard fans.

I just discovered Ree a couple months ago. I didn't stay for the book signing, because I didn't want to stand in line all night. Poor girl is going to need a wonderfully relaxing hand massage. Women there were crazy. Many had been waiting for 4 hours. We did stay to listen to her question and answer series. She didn't impart anything that I didn't already know from her web site and appearance on Studio 5 this morning at 11:00. I went to 24 hour fitness to watch the segment since I don't have television.

Well, she is very witty and unmistakably popular. If you haven't gone to her web site yet, you will find that she is fresh, honest, and gifted. She has this unbelievable following and success story that could turn any blogger green with envy. Move over Elphaba from "Wicked!"

I got a one good pic. Her cookbook is delightful. I recommend it to all. She includes down home recipes that are sure to please anyone's palate.