Third in State

I took third place in the final cook-off of Utah's Own Ultimate Recipe Round-up! A couple days before the competition, I put on the movie, Charlotte's Web while I cooked in the kitchen. The movie brought me to tears when Fern and her family woke up early to get the fair to find that the ribbons had already been given out and Uncle took first place. I'm sure their heart sunk as they fondly eyed Wilbur in his pen. It dawned on me at that moment that I may NOT take first place, in fact, I may not place at all at the State Fair! 

Well, that little premonition actually came into fruition when I took THIRD place! But I was still thrilled to be at the fair, meet all the talented and wonderful people participating, judging, and organizing! It was a festive, FUN event at the Utah State Fair Grounds. I enjoyed this opportunity immensely. Fox 13 NEWS was covered the event live as well as radio station KODJ Oldies 94.9! Karmel took first place with her Traveling Utah Crepe Cake! She is so sweet and very deserving!

I took home some wonderful prizes including a night with my favorite guy at the Monaco Hotel, cooking classes at Gigi and an Active Fryer I intend to use SOON! It was like a crazy whirlwind setting up, being judged, eating Fair food, then home to pack for The TOP OF UTAH MARATHON. This day was also my also my oldest daughter's 18th Birthday! What a THRILL!! Joe could NOT have been more supportive in my culinary endeavors. He is MY BIGGEST FAN!

I took third, second, then first in the preliminary Ultimate Recipe Round-up competitions. I was incredibly persistent!

Thanks to Allred Orchards the wonderful peaches grown in UTAH!

This was my display!