Utah State Fair 2011

I love this picture! It really encapsulates the feelings the Traveling Crepe Cake evoked from the judges. The ingredients were searched and collected from tip of the state to the bottom! Carmel really SOLD it! 
The whole spiel about my ancestors crossing the planes and starting one of the first peach orchards that is still in operation today didn't quite have the same effect. Next time, I think I will scrape the salt for my recipe off the salt flats with nothing but a spoon and my bare hands. Of course, all joking aside--we had quite a few--Carmel ROCKS!!

 The Three Finalists

 Not Your Mama's Lasagna
Traveling Utah Crepe Cake
The competition was STEEP!

 French Raspberry Macarons
 Carrot Cake and Peach Pie Frozen Yogurt
 Chicken and Dumplings
 Cherry French Toast
 Orchard Peach and Lemon Tartlet
Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich

 No, he really isn't in pain!
 Our loot!

 The fair was just like in Charlotte's Web. We wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but all of our gifts would have melted and we needed to drive home then to Logan Utah for the marathon the following day!

 We grabbed a quick lunch at a BBQ grill. This side dish gives new definition to CURLY fries!

 Kettle Corn is a weakness of mine!