Book Review

I feel a bit like I have fallen off the planet. As some of you may know, my family of seven chose to up and move to the country in the middle of January 2012. It has been a delightful transition that I have reveled in thoroughly. In a sense, it's like I'm playing catch-up.

I am catching up on so many things that I missed out on or was left out of over the past twelve years--not necessarily by choice. Being a part of a town with such a strong sense of community has been incredibly refreshing for me. I am having the time of my life! Sometimes I think it will all vanish like in a Fairy Tale, but so far so good!

With that said, my hunky husband and I came across a wonderful review of my husband's book, "Encompassing Charity." This review is found on a wonderful blog titled, "Small and Simple Things." You may read this lovely review in the post, Book Review 2011. You may read it here. This book would be a wonderful "Easters" gift.

Dear patient readers, I have so many fun and exciting things and beautiful ideas up my sleeves, that I may BURST! These ideas are coming SOON! In a remarkable way, this seems to be the year for ALL things wonderful, beautiful, and uplifting.

On the side bar of this blog, I mentioned the publishing of my cookbook, Sweet and Savory: Award Winning Recipes Made Easy. I am thrilled that my manuscript was accepted and is currently in production. I am tickled pink that full color photography will be included in this lovely cookbook published by Cedar Fort Inc. 

In other words, I have been writing, cooking, photographing, moving, painting, playing, and traveling more than I have in my entire life. Life is so good. More info. to come.