Deviled Eggs on Good Things Utah 4-13

Deviled Eggs

I am late in viewing this cooking segment as well as in posting. You will see that the new Good Things Utah was not in the works, but it was a pleasure working with the darling and bubbly Briann. I will miss seeing her as often, but applaud her decision to have more time with her beautiful baby girl. 

My oldest daughter, Madison's missionary farewell was the Sunday before this segment and my family and friends loved the deviled eggs. So that was the impetus for the recipe choice. Madi left for the MTC the following day. I had more on my plate than I could handle, but with the best husband and kids a mom could ask for I survived it with a minimum of cry fests and melt downs. I missed my daughter more than I thought I would and so many things triggered the loss like the quarter full Diet Coke with vanilla can left by the side of her un-made bed as well as her dangling earrings and half full water bottle. The outdoor hot tub we would soak in everyday and talk. Wow!