Mini BBQ Meatballs on Good Things Utah 5-13

Mini BBQ Meatballs

This was the funnest, best cooking segment I have done to date. New, funny, fabulous, stylish, handsome host, Troy was a joy to have in the kitchen. I adore the Australian accent and the way he says tin for can or biscuit for graham cracker. Cooking with him was a kick. He loved the meatballs--ate several. 

Believe it or not, Tony--the movie critic came over for a sample and said, "I'm Italian. My Mother is full Italian and also a great cook and these are the best meatballs I have ever tasted!" I absolutely melted. 

They really are good. In fact, they are my children's and the neighbor children's favorite as well. They go fast. I suggest doubling the recipe. 

Enjoy this segment. I know I did. Who knew cooking could be so much fun and so entertaining?