Skinny-licious on NBC Studio 5

Studio 5 on NBC has a new look for the new year--a re-designed mod, hip "green room" and a lovely white kitchen with all the soothing and calm colors of the season including lime, aqua, and coral. This interior design make-over was food for thought.

Growing up, I loved watching makeover episodes on Oprah and other day time television shows. They were my favorite segments. There is something incredibly inspiring about someone who re-invents themselves or re-makes themselves. It's about second chances. It's about becoming our best self. It's about NOT letting life pass us by. It's about being empowered to make positive changes.

My three daughters were raised with the mantra, "be your best self." You can't be someone else. You can only be the best you. Losing weight, making over my metabolism and body was my personal "makeover." I gained 60 ghastly pounds and lost those pounds after giving birth to 5 children and after turning 40.

I never dreamed I would be one of those "makeover stories," but oddly enough, I am one. I appreciate the appearances I have had on NBC's Studio 5. It's always a wonderful time working with the hosts and crew on cooking segments. Thanks to NBC for being the first to introduce Skinny-licious to their viewers. I am happy to announce that Skinny-licious is NOW in book stores including Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Barnes and Noble, and Costco.

May this be the year that you make-over yourself. You never know, you may be sharing your story with thousands of people like me. Join the Skinny-licious revolution and body and metabolism make-over. This changed my life, my health, and body. I know it can do the same for you.

Eat yourself skinny!