Pre-Emergency Preparedness

Family Pre-Disaster Evacuation Plan

Preparation is the key to your family’s success in an emergency. Your pre-disaster plan can help reduce the stress and anxiety of an emergency situation, especially for your children. This guide will help you develop a plan which will enable you to survive a variety of disaster situations. Remember to re-evaluate your disaster plan annually with your family.

1. Before the Disaster:

A: Prepare your 72 hour kits and have them readily accessible.

B: Know how to shut off all utilities–gas, water, and electricity.

C. Learn basic first aid skills and CPR.

D. Have a family picture in your 72 hour kit with complete descriptions on the back of each family member including height, weight, eyes, etc.

E. Have a copy of important records in your 72 hour kit. (Try to have another copy at a location outside of your home as well.)

F. Plan an evacuation route to get out of your house, and have a meeting place outside of your home that is away from power lines, trees, etc.

G. Draw a map of your house. Outline an escape route for all members of your family.

2. Location of Emergency Supplies:

A. 72 Hour Kit_________________________________________________________________

B. First Aid Kit_________________________________________________________________

C. Flashlight/Batteries____________________________________________________________

D. Radio/Batteries_______________________________________________________________

F. Water_______________________________________________________________________

G. Food_______________________________________________________________________

H. Tools_______________________________________________________________________

I. Blankets/Sleeping Bags_________________________________________________________

J. Cooking Equipment____________________________________________________________

K. Sanitation Supplies____________________________________________________________

L. Prescription Medication________________________________________________________

M. Other______________________________________________________________________

3. Location of Utility Shut Offs:

A. Main Gas Valve______________________________________________________________

B. Main Water Valve____________________________________________________________

C. Main Circuit Breaker__________________________________________________________

D. Wrench of Shut Off Tool_______________________________________________________

E. Other_______________________________________________________________________

4. Home Reunion Location:

A. Meet Here___________________________________________________________________

B. Alternate Location____________________________________________________________

5. Practice and Maintain Your Plan:

A. Conduct Family Drills

B. Test you fire extinguisher and smoke detectors at least twice a year.

(Courtesy of American Red Cross: www.redcross.org)


  1. Hey Groovy mom, was just stopping by and liked your information on emergency planning. Hope to launch my site soon on preparation and am looking for other "hip" moms who are like minded. I have four kids too and am crazy about them and my husband of 20 years! Take care, disastermom

  2. Thanks Groovy Mom for information. I also have a cool family of four and love my husband of 20 years. I am hoping to launch my site on disaster preparedness soon and noticed you had information in this area. It is really important that the whole family know how to shut off all utilities and such, particularly older kids. I know trying to get this stuff all together is overwhelming so I try and do a little by little approach and try and knock off my list one or two items a month. Every little bit helps! Thanks for sharing! DisasterMOM