Pre-Emergency Preparedness

Family Pre-Disaster Evacuation Plan

Preparation is the key to your family’s success in an emergency. Your pre-disaster plan can help reduce the stress and anxiety of an emergency situation, especially for your children. This guide will help you develop a plan which will enable you to survive a variety of disaster situations. Remember to re-evaluate your disaster plan annually with your family.

1. Before the Disaster:

A: Prepare your 72 hour kits and have them readily accessible.

B: Know how to shut off all utilities–gas, water, and electricity.

C. Learn basic first aid skills and CPR.

D. Have a family picture in your 72 hour kit with complete descriptions on the back of each family member including height, weight, eyes, etc.

E. Have a copy of important records in your 72 hour kit. (Try to have another copy at a location outside of your home as well.)

F. Plan an evacuation route to get out of your house, and have a meeting place outside of your home that is away from power lines, trees, etc.

G. Draw a map of your house. Outline an escape route for all members of your family.

2. Location of Emergency Supplies:

A. 72 Hour Kit_________________________________________________________________

B. First Aid Kit_________________________________________________________________

C. Flashlight/Batteries____________________________________________________________

D. Radio/Batteries_______________________________________________________________

F. Water_______________________________________________________________________

G. Food_______________________________________________________________________

H. Tools_______________________________________________________________________

I. Blankets/Sleeping Bags_________________________________________________________

J. Cooking Equipment____________________________________________________________

K. Sanitation Supplies____________________________________________________________

L. Prescription Medication________________________________________________________

M. Other______________________________________________________________________

3. Location of Utility Shut Offs:

A. Main Gas Valve______________________________________________________________

B. Main Water Valve____________________________________________________________

C. Main Circuit Breaker__________________________________________________________

D. Wrench of Shut Off Tool_______________________________________________________

E. Other_______________________________________________________________________

4. Home Reunion Location:

A. Meet Here___________________________________________________________________

B. Alternate Location____________________________________________________________

5. Practice and Maintain Your Plan:

A. Conduct Family Drills

B. Test you fire extinguisher and smoke detectors at least twice a year.

(Courtesy of American Red Cross: www.redcross.org)